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What If ??

What if every time I made a decision it was the right one? What if every time I opened my mouth, I said the right thing? What if every time I looked at the person in front of me, beside … Continue reading

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An Epigram of Autumn

I am the mysterious season.  With my arrival, the scorching sun of summer is pushed back to its place as I begin the path, heralding the arrival of winter. But whether you are live in the warmer states or up north, I am this in-between season, … Continue reading

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Fall’s Meditation on Letting Go

I walk a few steps further… Into the deeper folds of the forest of red and golds. “Forest will you take me in? Will you share your secrets? Will you teach me the meditation of letting go?” It beckons me … Continue reading

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Imaginary Versus Real-Stories that come and go and stay too long.

Everyday, we experience and live and relive a story we have written for ourselves. The power of thought and the word is strong. But only as strong as the experience and feelings we attach to it.  That is why it’s … Continue reading

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